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Depth Integration is a practice of spiritual embodiment integration

Throughout time all cultures have practiced therapeutic traditions to quiet the mind, reclaim lost aspects of the self and move toward a vitality that is our birthright as human beings on this planet. Depth Integration is the blend of ancient practices with modern healing techniques that supports an intuitive journey using the breath, the body and a vision of vibrant health and wholeness.

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I am Gregg Westwood, a specialist in spiritual embodiment integration. In my practice, Depth Integration, I draw upon 35 years of experience in somatic psychology, an extensive background in the creative arts, and the profound ancient wisdom I have had the honor to receive from participating and assisting in the vibrational healing rituals and sacred ceremonies of indigenous communities in North and South America.

If you are seeking healing, personal transformation or assistance in accessing and expressing your unique gifts and purpose, Depth Integration offers the essential resources to support you in remembering and embodying your true self.  

Whether you wish to explore the many benefits of spiritual embodiment integration practices, enhance your skills as a practitioner or empower each member to make their unique contribution for the benefit of your organization, Depth Integration offers innovative techniques and approaches to help you reach your objectives.

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About Gregg

Gregg’s practice is called Depth Integration and he works with private clients and groups worldwide. He is the host of the Healing Trauma through Conscious Embodiment and Conscious Embodiment Summits, a best-selling author featured in the books Dare to Dream and Sacred Medicine and the creator of online and in-person workshops and retreats.


“Gregg Westwood possesses a wonderful blend of insight, clinical skill and lightheartedness. His attention to breath and movements along with his verbal expertise combine to make him a fine therapist. I highly recommend his work.”

– Christine Caldwell, Ph.D. author, Getting Our Bodies Back founder, Somatic Psychology Department Naropa University

“Gregg Westwood is reflective, dedicated and has a very healing presence. His work is far-reaching. His mix of knowledge and experience are enriching to those who work with him.”

– Jennifer Wortham

“Gregg Westwood has a deep somatic understanding and a creative Healing nature. He holds such integrity that I would recommend his work to anyone searching and working to access meaningful transformation that is deeply rooted in one's Self ~ Body & Soul.”

– Sarah Sudha Evans

“Gregg is a compassionate, kind, and insightful provider who knows how to hold space for others. He is widely trained and offers many options for those interested in their growth and development. ”

– Dr. Marianela Medrano


  • Master of Arts – Somatic Psychology
    ~ Adjunct Faculty, Naropa University, Boulder, CO
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts – Dance, Stephens College Columbia, MO
  • Certified in the Hendricks Method of Transpersonal BodyMind Therapy
  • Certified Transformational Therapist
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certified in Educational Kinesiology
  • Adjunct Faculty - Transformation Therapy and Massage Therapy, Heartwood Institute Garberville, CA
  • Graduate of Walking the Plant Path - Facilitator Training in Plant Medicine Retreats


“Gregg’s compassion sets him apart from other coaches and creates a safe space where one can do the challenging (body) work and be left feeling lighter and freer. Even though it’s not always easy I always enjoy my time with Gregg and am left with a deep sense of empowerment, clarity and compassion for myself. Rock on, Gregg. You are amazing and changing lives.”

– Katrina E.

“Gregg’s 'How can I support you?' welcome and relaxed but focused presence in our first session felt so genuine that I was quickly able to open up to an uncomfortable truth about ending a relationship. Since this 30 minute zoom session, I have found it easier to hold this kind of welcoming space for my feelings.”

– Robert W.

“Gregg is a wonderful healer. He located where emotions were stuck and he released them with sound - playing a certain music and using his drum which just reverberated at a beautiful resonance. ”

– Connie L.



If I were to name the most essential foundation of Depth Integration, it would be unconditional self love. Unconditional self love guides your transformation process with grace and ease. Recognizing your own capacity for healing is the first step in true empowerment and transformation.

We start with Conscious Embodiment and progress to Spiritual Embodiment.

Conscious Embodiment

Conscious Embodiment- is accessing the wisdom held within our bodies by connecting with our feelings, senses and knowing in the present moment. The wisdom of our bodies tells us clearly where we feel safe, expansive, stagnant and negative.
Engaging our intention with conscious embodiment practices shifts our perceptions and cultivates an embodied awareness which enables us to nurture authentic responses and act in enlightened ways.

Here are the conscious embodiment practices we utilize to assist you in releasing negative thought patterns, emotional wounds and energies that do not belong to you. The many layers of these practices support you in developing the capacity to respond to life from a place of love and empowerment rather than reacting out of fear.


Meditation involves nurturing your inner observer, fostering awareness of your thoughts and emotions, and connecting with the Source in the timeless present moment. Embrace a sense of security in the present moment.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Supports physical and mental assimilation
  • Improves mental clarity and focus
  • Promotes emotional and physical well-being
  • Generates kindness and compassion
  • Cultivates creativity and imagination

Engaging in a regular practice of inquiry and mediation is an essential foundation of Depth Integration.

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Conscious Breathing

Our breathing patterns reflect the state of our mind.
Conscious breathing serves as a foundation that utilizes exercises and methods that alter breathing patterns. Where we direct our breath brings healing awareness to those parts of our body. Performing these techniques assist you in relaxing, energizing and releasing. Breathing in the nurturing purest light creates more inner space which allows our life force to flow freely throughout our bodies.

  • Releasing numbness leads to vibrant aliveness.
  • By letting go of caretaking, you nurture unconditional self-love.
  • Releasing anxiety leads to a deeper sense of inner peace.
  • By shedding heaviness, you feel lightness and joy.
  • Releasing fear fosters your compassionate loving presence.
  • Letting go of pain results in enhanced vitality.
  • By releasing limitations, you experience more freedom.
  • Letting go of conflict leads to deeper connections with others.
  • Releasing worry cultivates inner trust.
  • By releasing anger, you embody your true strength and empowerment.
  • Letting go of doubt leads to clarity.

By engaging in meditation and conscious breathing, we establish safety within ourselves, allowing us to let go of what no longer serves us. By shedding stagnant emotions, negative thoughts, and physical ailments, you connect with the qualities of your true Essence.

Discover how to breathe consciously

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Creative Expression

Together with meditation and conscious breathing, moving our bodies, using our voice and our spoken and written words are ancient and modern ways of releasing, expressing and shifting our consciousness. In this foundation, Depth Integration connects you to your Divine spark, your unique gifts and talents.

~Your Unique Gifts and Purpose~

We are divine souls on a sacred journey.
We arrive as light and then our society, parents and family members, teachers and other authority figures can dim and sometimes attempt to extinguish that light with their words and actions.
You know that you have a set of unique gifts and qualities that no one else in this world has and they are meant to be shared with all of us. I believe that the journey of discovering, bringing to light and expressing those gifts is each of our purposes in this life.
Indigenous cultures have supported each person’s unique expression for centuries, as they treat each seat in the circle of their ceremonies as essential to the attainment of the highest good for all concerned.

Let’s embark on this journey of embracing and manifesting your unique gifts and talents together.
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~Balance and Wholeness~

Every day, we observe the various imbalances affecting ourselves and our world. The world we inhabit is characterized by opposing forces: darkness and light, good and bad, masculine and feminine.
Studying under my Buddhist and indigenous mentors has taught me the value of harmonizing the divine masculine and feminine energies along with the wisdom of the elements. This integration brings balance, wholeness, and well-being to my life.
Your divine masculine energy gives you the protection, courage and safety to allow your divine feminine qualities to arise.
Your divine feminine energy supports you in letting go of what no longer serves you, surrendering to the flow of life, and accessing your intuitive wisdom.
These energies are present in the wisdom of elements of fire
(renewal and power), water (flow and intuition), earth (grounding and stability) and air (creativity and connection) can be called upon to assist you in your personal transformation.

Depth Integration assists you in blending and harmonizing these energies which assists in you embodying compassionate support, nurturing safety and loving presence. This fusion provides you with a heightened sense of balance, wholeness, and well-being.

Spiritual Embodiment-Surrendering to Spirit

The practices of meditation, conscious breathing, creative expression, along with integrating the divine masculine and feminine and wisdom of the elements, support you in creating the safety to feel, the compassion to welcome all of your feelings, and the courage to express your feelings fully.
Then a shift occurs in your awareness and you surrender to spirit.
This may sound contradictory to many on the spiritual path. Based on my personal journey, delving deep within my body and establishing a profound connection with the earth has enabled me to embrace unconditional love, reduce limitations and embrace greater freedom in my life. The deeper your roots the higher you can fly!

Heaven and earth meet in our hearts.

Depth Integration is designed for those who are ready to fully embrace your unique presence as an essential expression of the Divine. We summon the beauty and guidance from the spiritual realm and manifest it in the physical world by channeling your life force energy through your unique creative expression. Spiritual embodiment integration involves grounding expansive states of being, remembering who you truly are and discovering your purpose in the greater purpose.

Spiritual embodiment integration supports you in:

  • Relaxing deeply and slowing down
  • Reconnecting with your body and cultivating safety
  • Releasing stagnation, negative thought patterns and separateness to let go of what no longer serves you with ease and grace
  • Retrieving lost aspects of yourself
  • Replacing negative thought patterns from your subconscious mind with uplifting, empowering thoughts and intentions
  • Remembering who you truly are, your purpose and why you came here
  • Realigning with your true nature, your radiance, and your divine, love, wisdom, will and power.

~Plant Medicine Integration~

Expanded states of conscious experiences can create new pathways of vision, flow and love that can flood your heart and change the way you perceive, sense and feel about yourself, others and the world around you.

They can often be challenging to integrate into our daily lives because of the heightened expansion and transcendence felt which is not often experienced in our everyday interactions and culture. These experiences are lined with unlimited possibilities and enormous creative potential for positive change in our personal experience and in helping others.

Working somatically with our breathing, movement, voice, words and mindfulness, I support you in developing the capacity to tolerate and ultimately embody these expansive states of being and in grounding and integrating their wisdom into your daily life, work, creations and actions.


Our packages are tailored to your specific needs and goals and are designed to support you in taking the next step on your spiritual healing journey at the level you are seeking. I am here to completely support you.

~Spiritual Embodiment Integration Sessions & Programs~

Initiation; Introductory Session

Are you prepared to make a commitment to yourself?
Activation; Developing a Consistent Practice
- One month program

Are you ready to dive deeper and transform your life?
Transformation; Developing Conscious Embodiment
- Six month program

Are you ready to elevate your life?
Transcendence; Developing Spiritual Embodiment
- One year program

Plant Medicine; Ceremony Preparation & Post Ceremony Integration Sessions

Schedule a Discovery Call to find out more about which offering resonates with your desires and goals.


New Retreats Coming Soon in;
Ecuador, Joshua Tree, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Hawaii.

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Dare to Dream: Women and Men Who Refused to Let Their Dreams Die!
Dare to Dream is a book of triumph over adversity, hope over doubt, and growth over stagnation.

You will be inspired to step out of your own comfort zone and realize it is never too late to step into your dreams! Life goes fast and it can feel like there is never enough time to make our dreams a reality, but these stories will motivate you to realize that the past and unrealized dreams can be alchemized into something wonderful and life-affirming.
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Sacred Medicine: Exploring The Psychedelic Hero's Journey
This groundbreaking book delves into the transformative power of sacred medicines and shamanic practices, guiding you through a process of inner exploration, healing, and growth.
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Gregg Westwood MA is a spiritual risk-taker.  He is a creative embodied healer, coach, author, consultant, teacher, and leader of transformational experiences. Committed to manifesting the most authentic expression of his soul on this planet, he supports others in discovering their soul’s unique creative expression.  He assists others in releasing their physical, mental, and emotional blocks, fears, and challenges, and supports them in reconnecting with their inner joy and flow, embodying their true self, and living in vibrant health.

Previous Classes and Workshops


~ Dissolve Into Who You Truly Are ~

A class to dive into discoveries and insights that I experienced on my journeys of spiritual consciousness to Puerto Rico and Ecuador. You will hear insights and experience techniques that will support you in surrendering to your authentic self and following your heart’s wisdom.

~ Embody Your True Self ~

How to embody your true self without masks – even if you feel ashamed. Friday, November 11th, 2022 A Deeply Experiential Virtual Immersion It’s easy to have compassion for others. It's not so easy to have compassion for ourselves.

The Inner Journey Series:

These classes will utilize the ancient practices of meditation, conscious breathing and shamanic drumming to access the deeper realms of your soul. The drumming journey in particular increases access to your creativity and stimulates its cultivation. Authentic Movement allows your body to move freely, working through any inhibitions to the Journeys experience and message. As you integrate these experiences into your body, you develop ideas for connecting with these gifts and sharing them with your community. Classes in the Series will focus on Embracing;
  • Your Creative Spirit
  • Your Inner Guidance
  • Your Essential Strength and Power
  • Your Authentic Truth
  • Your Personal Magic
  • Your Divine Purpose
  • Your Future Self


Discover the Language & Movement of Your Heart A Creative Embodied Healing Workshop with Gregg Westwood & Meredith Heller   Move To Your Heartbeat with Gregg Westwood Join us for a drumming and movement journey to discover and embody your unique heartbeat. Utilizing the ancient practices of meditation, conscious breathing, drumming and movement, you will access the deeper realms of your soul. By slowing down, quieting your mind, and relaxing your body, you will transcend disconnection, stress, tension, and stuckness into connection, ease, flow and self love, and become inspired to express your unique message to the world.
Your Heart Knows the Way with Meredith Heller Join us for a writing journey to discover the language of your heart. Using embodied and written practices we will connect with our heartbeat as the compass that guides us home: to feel more open, inspired, vital, and connected. What makes YOUR heart beat?


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