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facilitated by Gregg Westwood M.A.

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Throughout time all cultures have practiced therapeutic traditions to quiet the mind, reclaim lost aspects of the self and move toward a vitality that is our birthright as human beings on this planet. Depth Integration is the blend of ancient practices with modern healing techniques that supports an intuitive journey using the breath, the body and a vision of integrated health and wellness.

Your body is your guide in this unfolding of your soul’s journey.

Gregg’s healing work teaches you approaches that support a deeper relationship with self and Source; learning to feel safe enough to feel your feelings and by experiencing them fully, moving into deeper states of self-compassion, creativity, authentic power, essential truth and in accessing your unique purpose.

The ability to live more in these deeper states of being will
dramatically improve your life experience.


~ reduced stress and anxiety ~
~ deep states of peace and well-being ~
~ higher states of consciousness ~
~ enriched creativity ~

~ enhanced mobility and pain management ~
~ becoming spiritually equipped to navigate your life
with much more ease, grace, and greater compassion ~


Essential Truth

Society can disconnect us from our true spiritual nature.
We find the most truthful ways to live our lives when we listen to the body- that Internal Peacefulness.

“Practice is the interest, the love, the drive, the tendency, the movement, to be as authentic as possible, to be as real as possible.”
– A. H. Almaas, Runaway Realization: Living a Life of Ceaseless Discovery

Learn to develop approaches of surrendering to your higher self:
What is my deepest truth?
What paradigms am I ready to release?
What positive paradigms am I willing to adopt and empower myself with?

Unique Purpose

Discover your Value – Gifts

Depth Integration supports each individual in accessing and creatively expressing his/her true nature, unique creative abilities and
own special contribution to this life.
Discover your unique voice.
How does your heart want to contribute to the world?
How can you live your most loving, adventurous, child-like, imaginative, heart-centered life?
Why am I here?

“Our greatest wish for you is to discover what you most love doing — and spend more and more time doing it. To enjoy the love, abundance, and success it creates. To bring it forth so it serves you and the rest of the world.”
– Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks


“When you are in the field of creativity you lose track of time. Only flow exists.”

-Deepak Chopra

The process of discovering creative ways to sustain the experience of flow is the primary focus of the practice of depth integration. Allowing full expression is the key to releasing what is blocking flow in our lives. When given the choice between expression and repression, choose expression. When we return to flow, we return to our true nature.

Creative expression is not only healing for the individual, it is healing for those who witness, as well.


Tools to integrate deep experiences into your daily lives and actions. These deeper states of consciousness create the space for something else, healing energies to enter the body and soul.

“When you shut down emotion, you are also affecting your immune system, your nervous system. So, the suppression of emotion, which is a survival strategy, then becomes a source of physiological illness later on.”
– Gabor Mate


The Practice of Presence and
connecting with Source – Witnessing

One of meditation’s many benefits is the development of the Witness. The development of the Witness or Observing Self is essential to growth. The ability to observe our thoughts and feeling and not be overcome with them, allows us to be more heart-centered in our expressions and actions, thus living a more authentic life.

You will learn to be able to witness, but not be fully enmeshed in your emotional process. That is what makes healing possible.

Learn to relax into uncertainty, trust and surrender to what is.

By just sitting at the very source, not moving anywhere, a tremendous force arises, a transformation of energy into love and light into greater life, into compassion, into creativity. It can take many forms, but first you have to learn how to be at the source. Then the source will decide where your potential is. You can relax at the source, and it will take you to your very potential.

Mindful Breathing:

Our breathing patterns reflect the state of our mind. As we consciously slow our breathing, our minds slow down as well. It is then when we can hear the infinite wisdom of our heart and be moved and led by our soul.

Learning to breathe from our abdomen can help calm and center
our emotions and minds. Inhaling and exhaling at the same rate can create balance.
Where we direct our breath brings healing awareness to that part of our body. Altering our breathing by taking faster and deeper breaths can support deeper expression and the releasing of emotional and physical blocks.

“The easiest way to raise your vibration is to relax your body. The most essential way to relax your body is to slow your breath. The most effective way of slowing your breath is by loving your own heart. One ‘I love you’ at a time, your breath is inspired into a slower pace, which reminds the body to feel safe enough to relax, as your vibration elevate into higher frequencies of light. This is the heart of transformation.”
– Matt Kahn


Transcend your former beliefs

“To contact the deeper truth of who we are, we must engage in some activity or practice that questions what we assume to be true about ourselves.”
– A. H. Almaas

Through Inquiry, the Witness asks:
What is my true nature?
Why am I feeling this?
Where does this feeling come from?
What does this mean?
What can I learn from this?

Body (Somatic) Awareness:

Authentic Movement

“When the movement was simple and inevitable, not to be changed no matter how limited or partial, it became what I called ‘authentic’ – it could be recognized as genuine, belonging to that person.”
– Mary Whitehouse

A common misconception is if we bring our awareness inside, we will feel the restrictions and pain of our body. Instead we are able to connect with the Limitless Body, which is spacious and where all creativity begins. Deeply engrained patterns are not changed by rationalization, but rather with an embodied experience and connections. The deepest growth must occur in the body. Rationalization or wishing to grow, only takes us so far.

Breath guided movement leads to full creative expression, release and authentic integration of deep experiences in our bodies allows love to transform us.

You will learn how to track sensations and follow the impulses that want to move to release, express and embody.
Learn how embodied mindfulness restores your personal power.
Learn to trust your gut instincts and intuitive wisdom.
Learn how to integrate movement into action.

“As long as we can stay with the not knowing, the knowing that emerges will be deeper.”
– Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Shamanic Work:

Ritual – The Great Mystery – Life is sacred

“The shamanic path is really an invitation to you, the artist, to create your masterpiece…to use everything in your life as a brush to paint your own picture of personal freedom”
– Don Jose Ruiz

The creative journeys of shamanic paths lead us to our most healing practice –
that of our creativity. Some say it is imagining and yet when we experience loss, death we know there is another dimension that we can’t see with our minds but we feel with our hearts. This ego reality is such a fear and lack-based take on reality. When we can surrender to being lived by presence, which is much larger than our minds, we find truth.

“Shamanic healing is a journey. It involves stepping out of our habitual roles, our conventional scripts and improvising a dancing path.”
– Gabrielle Roth


Whether it is the spacious feeling from the intense heat of the sweat lodge, or after the acupuncture needles are removed or at the end of a yoga class, or the expansion after breathing and moving fully, true healing needs an altered state to occur.

Everything begins in dreamtime

From my experiences in the sweat lodge and tepee, I learned that each person in the circle has a sacred and vital purpose. And without each person’s unique contribution the circle is not whole. We are all part of something much greater than ourselves alone.

It is our heart-centered communications that arise from slowing down that will bring back healing compassion into our lives and our relationships.
We are the remedy to the fragmentation of our culture and the ever increasing speed and traumatic situations we find in our daily lives.




Gregg Westwood, M.A.
Gregg Westwood, M.A. | author

Depth Integration

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Gregg Westwood MA is a spiritual risk-taker.  He is a creative embodied healer, coach, author, consultant, teacher, and leader of transformational experiences. Committed to manifesting the most authentic expression of his soul on this planet, he supports others in discovering their soul’s unique creative expression.  He assists others in releasing their physical, mental, and emotional blocks, fears, and challenges, and supports them in reconnecting with their inner joy and flow, embodying their true self, and living in vibrant health.


A former professional dancer, actor, massage therapist, and somatic psychotherapist, he honors the wisdom of the body and the healing power of creative expression. Gregg’s healing practice is called Depth Integration and he works with private clients worldwide. He is the host of the Healing Trauma through Conscious Embodiment and Conscious Embodiment Summits, a best-selling author featured in the book Dare to Dream, and the creator of online and in-person workshops and retreats.

Author of Dare to Dream and Sacred Medicine. 

Books by Gregg Westwood 

Dare to Dream: Women and Men Who Refused to Let Their Dreams Die!

Sacred Medicine: Exploring The Psychedelic Hero’s Journey: A Transformative Path of Self-Discovery and Spiritual Awakening through Sacred Medicine Ceremonies and Shamanic Rituals


~ Dissolve Into Who You Truly Are ~

A class to dive into discoveries and insights that I experienced on my journeys of spiritual consciousness to Puerto Rico and Ecuador.

You will hear insights and experience techniques that will support you in surrendering to your authentic self and following your heart’s wisdom.



~ Embody Your True Self ~

How to embody your true self without masks – even if you feel ashamed.

Friday, November 11th, 2022

A Deeply Experiential Virtual Immersion

It’s easy to have compassion for others.
Not so easy to have compassion for ourselves.

Are you trapped in a cycle of overwhelm?
Do you feel like the trauma of your childhood is still haunting you?
Are you exhausted from wearing masks all of the time?

As children, our masks protected us, but as we grow up it takes so much energy to keep hiding.

You don’t have to hide anymore.


This exclusive immersion is designed for only 7 people to spend time together inside a life-changing experience with follow-up support

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This 10 hour immersion is valued at $2700

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The Inner Journey Series:
Facilitated by: Gregg Westwood MA

In this fast paced world, it can be so challenging to stay in the present moment, connect with your inner wisdom, be able listen to the voice of our highest self and be guided to create an authentic life of purpose, creativity and joy.  The Inner Journey series is for those on a spiritual path who want to experience a deeper connection with your soul, your highest value and be able to express and give your unique gifts to the world, which is in desperate need right now.  If you are feeling disconnected, stressed, tense, stuck or scattered from a mind where your thoughts spin nonstop, the Inner Journey Series will assist you in slowing down, quieting your mind, relaxing your body, trusting your intuition and gut instincts and then supporting your creative expression and action.

These classes will utilize the ancient practices of meditation, conscious breathing and shamanic drumming to access the deeper realms of your soul.  The drumming journey in particular increases access to your creativity and stimulates its cultivation.

Authentic Movement allows your body to move freely, working through any inhibitions to the Journeys experience and message.  As you integrate these experiences into your body, you develop ideas for connecting with these gifts and sharing them with your community.

Classes in the Series will focus on Embracing;

  • Your Creative Spirit
  • Your Inner Guidance
  • Your Essential Strength and Power
  • Your Love and Compassion
  • Your Authentic Truth
  • Your Personal Magic
  • Your Divine Purpose
  • Your Future Self

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“Gregg Westwood possess a wonderful blend of insight, clinical skill and lightheartedness. His attention to breath and movements along with his verbal expertise combine to make him a fine therapist. I highly recommend his work.”
– Christine Caldwell, Ph.D. author, Getting Our Bodies Back founder, Somatic Psychology Department Naropa University



Past Workshops & Retreats


Discover the Language & Movement of Your Heart
A Creative Embodied Healing Workshop
with Gregg Westwood & Meredith Heller

Saturday October 8, 2022

Drum & Movement Journey
9-11am PT / 10am-12pm MT

Embodied Writing Journey
12-2pm PT / 1-3pm MT

Group Share
3-5pm PT / 4-6pm MT

$199 Early Bird thru Sept 30th / $249 Regular


Move To Your Heartbeat

with Gregg Westwood

Join us for a drumming and movement journey to discover and embody your unique heartbeat. Utilizing the ancient practices of meditation, conscious breathing, drumming and movement, you will access the deeper realms of your soul. By slowing down, quieting your mind, and relaxing your body, you will transcend disconnection, stress, tension, and stuckness into connection, ease, flow and self love, and become inspired to express your unique message to the world.

Bring a blanket, something comfortable to lie on, and space to move.


Your Heart Knows the Way

with Meredith Heller

Join us for a writing journey to discover the language of your heart.
Using embodied and written practices we will connect
with our heartbeat as the compass that guides us home:
to feel more open, inspired, vital, and connected.
What makes YOUR heart beat?

Please be comfy!
Bring journal & pen, a dark color marker or crayon, and a page or two of text:
(magazine, newspaper, page from a book, instruction manual, anything!)





A series Hosted by Gregg Westwood

June 13-17
Featuring 28 Experts and Healers
A Free 5 Day Virtual Summit Featuring 28 Experts and Healers who speak to the Deeper Healing that you will experience by Utilizing Conscious Embodiment Tools and Creativity in Your Healing Journey.

:::Get Access Here:::

series features the following distinguished presenters



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Workshop: Freyja Project February 23, 2020

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