My Path to Healing by Reconnecting with my Body

I’d like to share some highlights from my latest writing project, which documents my path to healing by reconnecting with my body. This content is part of an email series I’m developing. The first excerpt explores a preverbal wound that emerged during a spiritual embodiment healing session several years back.

It was the early 1960s and we were alone. A large hairy arm brushed across my nose and mouth. My little body froze, shivering with debilitating fear. I held my breath and shut my eyes. I knew what was happening to me was unacceptable for a pediatrician to do to a child. I couldn’t cry for help because this was occurring before I had words.

The only choice I had was to disconnect from my body.

As is very common in most early childhood traumatic experiences, I was unable to process and tolerate this abuse, so I disconnected from my physical body and lost pieces of my spiritual being.

I lost my innocence.
I lost my divine power.
I lost my divine sexuality.
I lost my joy.

Freezing and fragmentation are protective mechanisms.

These dissociations are ways a young child’s mind copes with experiences that are too overwhelming to process at once.

The profound impact of pre-verbal abusive experiences is a significant aspect of human development that often goes unrecognized. These early experiences are stored not in verbal memory but within the body, often in the fascia, as a felt sense that unconsciously guides how we interact with ourselves and the world.

This is why spiritual embodiment practices that promote a reconnection to our bodies, such as meditation, conscious breathing, movement and sacred ceremonies, provide us with the most valuable pathways to uncover and heal these deep-seated wounds that can’t be accomplished with our words and our minds alone.

In Depth integration, we offer a path to more profound self-awareness, self love and healing through these practices by accessing the wisdom of our bodies. I support you in recovering, welcoming and integrating these fragmented parts of yourself.

Healing wounds is a gradual journey that involves creating safety in our bodies, nurturing a compassionate relationship with yourself, building resilience, and processing your experiences at your own pace.

In the upcoming emails, I will recount my journey of healing and how delving into this wound assisted me in unraveling the mysteries and reasons behind unexplained behaviors and emotional reactions that seemed disconnected from my known experiences. During my journey, the Light entered me and I retrieved my innocence, divine strength, sexuality and joy.

I feel so much gratitude for my inner guidance, teachers and life experiences that led me back to my body to heal, reconnect with my Divine Essence and share the benefits of spiritual embodiment integration with others.

Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, and you’re not alone in this journey. If this email resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you.